Lighting Control System[INQ. NO. 1709E06] UNILUX has been focusing on the development of better lighting solutions since 2001. UNILUX’s goal is providing people-friendly lighting systems which are effective in saving both energy and installation costs, while they are convenient and easy to use.
In order to achieve this goal, UNILUX had to invent a group of technologies controlling lighting functions including brightness for each individual lighting unit.
All the lighting controllers are targeted to control each light individually. UNILUX has devised CPLC (Closed Circuit Power Line Communication), an essential technology for controlling individual lights not only for their brightness but also for color, and temperature. With this technology, the company has solved most of the problems of existing lighting control systems.

The company has been able to raise reliability of communication close to 100% and solve problems with mounting space and price as the receiving circuit is very simple. The technology can save installation costs, increase convenience and save energy by connecting all the lighting apparatuses parallel to power lines for individual control. The company has this patent registered in the US, Japan, China, Australia and the EU and plans to introduce the newest product, LCS (Lighting Control Station) for the first time at the exhibition. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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