Thermal Bridge Barrier (STAR)[INQ. NO. 1709E05] In the world of happy energy, there lies STAR thermal bridge barrier in the center.
STARVILL Engineering is doing its best to provide a happy living culture of pleasant environment through sustainable R&D.
Dew condensation and fungus are the major causes of not only the shorter lifespan of buildings and damage to wallpaper, but also harm to family health.
This is why STARVILL Engineering has developed “STAR thermal bridge barrier” for production and sale; to provide solutions for the problems of dew condensation and fungus due to the absence of insulation around windows and doors and to improve convenience to interior construction.
“STAR thermal bridge barrier” is an optimized product for saving heating costs and energy efficiency, not only solving problems with dew condensation and fungus, but also blocking heat that would have been released to the outside. We proudly present “STAR thermal bridge barrier” as a necessary item for construction, not merely as an option. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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