Total Printing Solutions Stephen Lab. is the first company to have developed a dot impact printer mechanism for receipt printing in Korea under its representative brand, Sewoo. Since its establishment in April 2002, the company has been recognized for having developed printers for receipt printing for the first time in Korea, and for the superior quality of its mini printers worldwide in 60 countries.
With continuous R&D investment in the field of mini printers, the company has been able to produce mechanisms for dot impact printers for POS, thermal printers and credit card readers. Moreover, in response to fast-changing market demands, it has developed an interface card, accessories and various printers such as label printers for distribution and parcel services, mobile printers of various sizes and even desktop RFID printers.

Direct Thermal Receipt Printer, Mobile Printer and Label Printer

SLK-TS400 is a direct thermal receipt printer with jam-free design. It can be installed on any wall and its components are easily replaceable without any tools. It prints at high speed, around 220mm per second. The size is compact with 130(W), 140(D) and 154(H) mm. It is compatible with ESC/POS commands as well. It is qualified for power efficiency as Energy Star and top and front exit are available.
LK-P22/P22MI is a receipt printer with durability emphasized in its structural design. Various Bluetooth connections, NFC function pairing and multi-connection are available. More specifically, standard interface USB and optional Bluetooth 4.2 or Wi-Fi(802.11 a/b/g) are available. It is the fastest printer within its class with a highest speed of 100mm per second. Moreover, it is very light, weighing only 242.5 grams with its battery.

LK-B425 is a direct thermal compact desktop label printer. Its compact size maximizes space utilization. It is flexible in handling various types of media, such as thermal fanfold label and thermal roll label. With jog dial, users can adjust printing density without access to a computer.
LK-B24 is a thermal transfer / direct thermal compact desktop label printer. Its compact size maximizes space utilization as well. In fact, it has the lowest height in its class. It has a vertical directional interface with rapid graphic printing speed at 127mm per second. Lastly, it is easy to replace paper and ribbons. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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