Eco-friendly & High-efficiency Heating Systems KOREA is the industry leader in eco-friendly and high-efficiency heating systems, and is committ ed to manufacturing high-efficiency heating film and heating cables. As the oil price is continuously rising and climate change is getting worse, the demand for eco-friendly and high-efficiency heating systems has risen higher than ever. SH KOREA’s heating system provides solutions for such problems. Its heating system is powered by electricity so pollution and heating costs are lower than any other heating systems in the market.
SH KOREA’s heating system, Hot-Film, is relatively new to the Western world, as it is floor heating. Unlike air heater, the Hot-Film floor heating system heats up the floor. And with radiated heat, the floor gets warm and eventually the entire room gets warm. However, the air does not become dry since heat tends to spread upward. With this system, the entire room gets warmed up, whereas a conventional air heating system will only heat up the upper air.

The simple structure of our heating film, Hot-Film, makes it as a robust and easy to install heating material for indoor floor heating. Heating film is one of the most economical and high efficient way to heat indoor facilities. It doesn’t require any boiler room or tearing down the floor. Just clean the existing floor, place insulation pad, place the film and place finishing material. The heating films gets heated very quickly, making the floor heated within an hour if not in minutes. Our heating film, Hot-Film, is powered by electricity – causing no direct pollution. And as the carbon strips generate heat, anions and far-infrared rays are released. These two decreased odor and discourage germ growth. The simple but strong structure prevents it from experiencing mechanical failures and easy to maintain.
Hot-Film is equipped with a patented silver booth bar. The silver booth bar connects the carbon strip and the copper strip to supply power. The design of the bar and purity of the silver determines the quality of the heating film. In other words, with wrong design and impure silver, the film may experience short circuit and electric shorts which damage the film or even cause fire. Its patented silver booth bar design and pure silver paste make the film one of the safest heating films ever. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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