Fiber Optics Technologies

For Advanced Communication


Since its foundation in June 2001, Fostec, Co., has been consistently driven by the needs of its customers to become a company that will always find new innovative solutions to problems many customers may face.
Fostec is committed to further its growth into a company that specializes in all fiber optic needs, achieving productivity improvement through management, based on the importance of relationships between its company and others.


Fiber Optics Technology that Captivates the World

Fiber Patch cord is the basic and the most important fiber optic path connecting fiber device to device. Fostec products are compliant with international standards such as IEC & Telcodia, and they offer various types of patch cord such as SC, LC, FC, ST, etc. Besides, as it is supplying outdoor patch cords to the military industry, Fostec is always ready and happy to manufacture special or customized patch cords.
Fiber Attenuator is used for fiber signal attenuation. It attenuates pure fiber signal into required value to draw accurate fiber transmission. Fostec products are compliant with international standards such as IEC & Telcodia, and it offers various types of attenuator such as SC, LC, FC, ST, etc., which have high power endurance with high optical performance. Fostec offers variable and line-type attenuators as well as interacting with various customers.
Distribution Tap is used for outdoor cable splicing on pole applications. It also allows fiber division and drop to spread out fiber data into various spots. As it has IP55 grade, it has dustproof and waterproof features to be used for outdoor purposes perfectly. Also, 48 fibers cable can be spliced in maximum with 16 drop points for SC (32 drop points for LC). Distribution Tap will give you the best satisfaction and essential option for FTTH application. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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