Mobile Antenna, Electromagnetic Material, Smart Grid Solutions and Wireless Security Systems in April 2006, EMW Co., Ltd. has produced various high-value products such as mobile antenna, electromagnetic material, smart grid solution and wireless security system through endless innovation and development in original technology. Moreover, EMW is now expanding its business into advanced technology products such as heavy-duty antennas and air purifiers as well.
EMW is leading the global wireless communication industry through its expertise in technology and exclusive know-how. With its motto, “Company with heart,” it wants to be remembered by its customers as an admirable corporate model for its dedication to customer satisfaction, truthful management and excellent competitiveness.

Arnix – Video Bridge and IP Camera

Arnix is a provider of innovative wireless security solutions. Arnix utilizes image transfer technology of extreme wireless and Ethernet Bridge. It is a system that links wire and wireless into one package, composed of IP camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder). Generally, it is relatively easy to use with friendly user-interface and excellent for after sales service and maintenance for having solved linkage problems when wireless video transceiver products are applied to IP cameras, difficult interface and complicated installation.
Arnix wireless features several advantages over other systems in its structure as well as costs. First, it is so easy to install, not even requiring professional help. Installation time is short and transfer simple. Also, administration has been simplified. The cost for installation has been reduced as well because it does not require LAN or coaxial cable. It is not necessary to rent a fork crane as pulling is not required. In terms of technical aspects, it can cover up to 3Km (LOS). It features beam forming and auto channel selection along with 4X4 MIMO that supports 1.7Gbps data rate. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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