https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryKorea International Sign & Design Show (KOSIGN) will be held from November 16 to 19 at COEX, Seoul. This is the 26th exposition this year and it hosted a total of 13,588 buyers with 117 companies participating at 568 booths last year.

KOSIGN has been growing steadily with sign-related marketing and companies for the past 25 years. With this history, it led the development of outdoor advertising industry and reflected trends that were considered the best in Korea.

KOSIGN aims to play a supporting role for development and coexistence despite competitive relations. It is now paying attention to participating companies so that it can be beneficial to those related.

KOSIGN provides systematic and optimized purchase conferences through its task force in charge of securing overseas buyers. It will schedule meetings targeting buyer marketing through prior demand research among participating companies and provide interpretation service and beverages necessary for conferences for free. Also, it will make further efforts until actual contracts are signed.

During the exhibition, digital printing, media & ink, digital input & design, digital signage, manufacture system & after-processing equipment, LED/lighting, textile, interior and 3D printing will be on display.

For 25 years, the Korea International Sign & Design Show, KOSIGN 2017, has been the largest-scale exhibition for the Korean outdoor advertising industry and the Korean digital printing equipment and materials industry. Because of the reputation that KOSIGN has in Korea, major companies from the related industries will be participating in KOSIGN 2017. At KOSIGN, those in the signage industry will find many professionals, authority brands and unlimited business opportunities.

KOSIGN has remained a stable hub for industry leaders in Korea. There is a potential for further economic increases in the future, and the demand for equipment and materials for advertising and signage has been greatly increased.

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