Nexcall Paging System[INQ. NO. 1710E04] LEETEK’s current major manufacturing sections of Nexcall Paging System and Tablecall Paging System are becoming strong drawing cards in the global market.
The former, which is comprised of transmitter, pager, charger and power supply, was designed to help restaurants manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctively. Customers receive instant notification when their table is ready, making them feel special and welcome.
With the efficient system, the user’s restaurant can thus conveniently accommodate more visitors, not requiring them to wait in a line for too much time as they did before. From the guests’ side, they can, thanks to the system, comfortably wait for a certain period of time without fears of missing their table to use.
The latter, which consists of transmitter, pager, charger, power supply and repeater, was designed specifically to help guests immediately page their servers or managers when they need anything, so they can be efficiently served whenever they want.
With this solution, both guests and servers can efficiently enjoy their timely services and fulfill their respective requirements.

Two very efficient systems are widely being applied in such various places as restaurants, cafs, take-out shops, hospitals, etc.
Since it was established in 1998, LEETEK has professionally devoted itself to delivering state-of-the-art wireless communication equipment to such various areas as electric communication, software, hardware technology development, trade, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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