3D Printers

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1710E03] Daeguntech’s 3D printer(p250) is the latest model manufactured by the company. With a highly advanced version 3.0 dual head, it can print main material and water solubility supporter material, so that does not have to remove the supporter manually.
By adopting three axis ball screw direct transmission method into the driving part, it can print out more precious outputs. The maximum output size can be 225mm X 200mm X 250mm(H) which can manufacture large and complex parts of the shape that the user needs. It is realized that the improvement of the detachable aluminum bed for user to check and remove the output from the bed.
Daeguntech is advancing as a leading company in the world for the future of 3D printers with outstanding technique and broad manufacturing experience.
Daeguntech offers a high level of reliability needed for equipment for layout, production, equipment assembling, and test and evaluation for control boxes and wire harnesses in semiconductor production related equipment, chip mounter, and machine tools and all kinds of test equipment, production inspect equipment, and wire harnesses in the defense industry.
Since 2014, Daeguntech started with its new business venture, a 3D printer and Wire-cut Electric Discharge Machine. It constructed the best production facilities for dealing with the rapidly changing circumstances and improved production quality by continuously training and supporting members of Daeguntech.

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