Waterproof Cases for Digital Devices

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1710E02] As a specialized company of waterproof cases for digital devices, DiCAPac has recently launched a new brand called Dicapac Action which comprises of various waterproof products to enhance your outdoor experience through all seasons.
Dicapac Action waterproof case is equipped with a mount which can be put on Dicapac Action floating selfie stick, universal smartphone holder for selfie stick, waterproof Bluetooth 4.0 remote control, sport-fit armband, bike mount and car & yacht mount. They are specifically designed for you to use smart devices safe from water during outdoor activities such as cycling, yachting, running, kayaking and so on. Weighing only 100g, Dicapac Action selfie stick not only floats on water but also allows you to take selfies in water. Go hands-free from your smart devices while navigating on your bike, car or yacht.
Established in 2005, DiCAPac is the leading manufacturer of waterproof cases for digital devices. Since then, DiCAPac introduced various high-quality waterproof cases for digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, tablet PC, DSLR and SLR camera. With its own technical lines and more than a decade of experience, DiCAPac presents waterproof cases for up to 10 meters in depth which it export to more than 60 countries such as USA, Europe, Japan, Brazil, etc. All of DiCAPac products have attained IPX8 and IP68, the highest waterproof grades, from the notorious JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). 7% of total revenue each year is spent on R&D alone, and DiCAPac continues to develop new technology and enhance quality of DiCAPac products.
DiCAPac has exclusive partnerships with multiple water parks such as Xcaret park in Cancun, Mexico and Caribbean bay in Korea. With head office and company plant in Wonju, Korea, branch office in Seoul, Korea and Florida, USA, and warehouse in Schwalbach, Germany, DiCAPac has broad network and market across the globe. 55% of total revenue comes from overseas sales and we firmly expect the overseas sales to continuously grow.

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