Smartphone Cases[INQ. NO. 1710E01] Divine is a company that researches and develops smartphone cases and accessories. All smartphone cases and accessories are made in Korea.

Divine is seeking to pioneer potential markets and buyers with three key smartphone cases – touch case, hard case, and touch armor case.

Touch case

This product’s front face is a transparent case that needs no additional protective film for front liquid crystal. It is different to existing smartphone cases as its usage is intended to cover its rear side.
This case is not cracked and permanently deformed when twisted or dropped accidentally. It is economical to purchase only the front case rather than to buy the protection film and side case.

Hard case

Rear case (hard case) has a split-type structure and finally the various color combinations of hard case is available for individuality the two-color combination of hard cases creates four kinds of hard case types.(Four-color combination creates 16 types). This protects either the rear side or corner of the smartphone case. All the corners are round-shape designed.

Touch Armor Case (①touch case + ②hard case)

After the front case and rear case are combined, the touch function and all other functions of the smartphone are perfectly available and convenient.

When the smartphone is dropped to the ground this case protects either the front liquid crystal, side face or rear face from scratch or breakage.

This prevents not only the expensive liquid crystal from breakage but also maintains its own smartphone design. The thickness of front case is so slim and thin that it is convenient to carry. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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