Digital Voltage Recorder Phase Finder System Live CT Test Set’s Digital Voltage Recorder (one-phase/threephase) is a device that records the variation of voltage values and power failure incident dates. It also can detect and record the voltage unbalance factor (VUF) ratio. This instrument measures voltage values at a rate of 16 times per second. Users can choose a sampling time interval among the 14 sampling time interval choices and acquire the average voltage value data to put it into the record set. The maximum capacity of data record storage is 16 months data on the condition of 30-minute sampling time interval.
The Phase-Finder System detects and determines the absolute phase, regardless of its measuring location. The device detects accurately one of the phases among A, B, C (the standard phase). It uses ‘wired’ or ‘wireless’ communication networks to share information from substation to determine the standard phase on a certain location directly.
CT Ratio Error Tester can detect abnormal (bad) current transformer by comparing the primary and 2nd ratio error values and its phase-angle values on the live wire line. This tester can determine the electric power billing rate’s accuracy by comparing voltage and current’s phase angle, thus further confirming the line’s wrong connection.


Incubating Creative ideas and doing Fundamental Research on New Technologies

Since its foundation in 1988, EdiTech Co., Ltd. has been dedicating itself to incubating creative ideas and doing fundamental research of new technologies. The company has been designated as a venture business company by the Korean government from 2001 up to now, with acquisition of NET certificate. Moreover, the company won the gold medal award at the world invention exhibition held in Geneva, not to mention that it has been selected as a representative brand of excellent companies of Korea by the media.
Also, the company has intellectual property rights such as numerous patents and software licenses. Even in the future, it will try its best to create values of new technologies by concentrating all the efforts by all of the employees including members of its research center to take a leading role in measuring technology to become a worldclass company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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