Heating Plates

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its foundation in 1980, Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd. has been making heating plates for electric pressure rice cookers and IH work coil for IH range and IH rice cookers. Based on the exclusive development of centrifugal casting, which allowed the company to avoid high-cost, lowproductivity gravity casting, and to produce low-cost, high productivity heating plates, the company has been able to obtain price and technological competitiveness.
Bumil Industrial Co., Ltd. has been able to dominate 40% of Korea’s heating plate market and establish business with the world’s renowned global electric appliance companies. Its main clients include Cuchen, Cuckoo and LG Electronics from Korea, and Tiger, Toshiba from Japan. In addition, the company successfully entered the IH work coil components market with its eco-friendly products of first-grade energy efficiency and has been supplying its products with price competitiveness through quality innovation.


Induction Smart Fryer and Induction Instant Food Cooker

IH (Induction Heating) Smart Fryer is an excellent fryer with low carbon, high efficiency, environment friendliness and energy saving. It can be used in various kitchen environments such as convenience stores, tempura shops and small kitchens. It is outstanding as it is made by stainless steel which is excellent in its appearance and kitchen environments.
IH Smart Fryer features IH side full heating method to provide less-oily and delicious deep frying. It provides safer and hygienic environment as oil does not splash and vapor does not occur. Fixed costs such as edible oil and fuel cost will decrease by more than 50%. It is simple and easy to handle and clean.
IH instant food cooker is featured for optimizing cooking. It is a multi-function product to enjoy delicious food with quick and simple actions. It is a safe and environmentally friendly multi-food cooker suitable for households, convenience stores, schools, offices and businesses.
IH Instant Food Cooker features multi-function cooking for quick finish within 3 minutes for ramen, udon and fish cake. Its general cooking function can cook semi-prepared food and simple homemade food. It has hot water and purifier functions as well.

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