Transformer Bushing Monitoring System Instrument & Electric’s transformer bushing leakage current diagnosis device (YSBD-5200) measures the variation value of leakage current according to the ratio of applied voltage of transformer bushing and analyzes it in real time. It is a precision diagnosis device that diagnoses the insulating state online and prevents malfunctioning of transformer bushings.
It features diagnosis of a transformer bushing’s state (154kV, 345kV) during live-wire operations, precise diagnosis method based on voltage value and ultraprecision leakage current measurement with error within 0.2%. It also has a ground by-pass function, temperature automatic adjustment function, loss factor calculation, history management and reporting function while indicating bushing Ic and Ir vector.
Interlock module device is the fast programmable logic controller of 154/345kV interlock panel controller. This hybrid system is combined with sealed relay and power semiconductor devices. It features interlock logic function based on PLC, remote control function, constant monitoring system, connector lock type, and convenient user interface and event record system.


Contributing to the Future Industrial Engineering Electricity through E-manufacturing

Established in 1989, Yousung has since grown to manufacture electrical panels, digital protection relay, automatic voltage adjustment device, semi-conductor control relay, KIT, GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), partial discharge diagnosis system and transformer bushing diagnosis device to deliver to the Korea Electric Power Corporation ( KEPCO). As a KTP (KEPCO Trusted Partner) certified company, it cooperates with KEPCO in the domestic as well as overseas market.
With its own research center established, it has been able to focus on localization of overseas products, development of substation automation and preventive diagnosis systems for electric power facilities with concentrated investment. These products have been recognized for their technical abilities and have been delivered to KEPCO. The company is now exporting products to the USA, the Philippines, Canada and Jordan, and is exporting preventive diagnosis systems for electric power facilities by establishing cooperative partners in seven foreign countries. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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