Mobile Solutions for the Visually Impaired in 2010, Atlab Inc. specializes in developing mobile solutions for the visually impaired. Atlab provides 25 types of solutions and seven types of products including an Android-based screen reader, screen magnifiers, etc. The company’s solutions are installed in devices such as smartphones, tablets, watches, kiosks, set-top box, etc., to be recreated as new assistive technology products. Atlab provides customized fundamental assistive technology solutions to local assistive engineering companies in desired products.
With its solutions, your products will be recreated as innovative assistive technology products. ShineTab is an all-in-one information terminal that combines all assistive technology products for the visually impaired into one. Magnifi er, OCR, book-reader, web-surfi ng, note, etc. can be utilized in a single device.
Magnifying reader, text/daisy player, editor, recorder, contents viewer, etc. can all be experienced in a highly portable tablet environment. The built-in screen reader/text zoom function takes advantage of all Android resources. As the key control system is applied, it is very convenient for detailed shortcut key control and the text editing environment.
Assistive technology products may be materialized and utilized in the oriented software. Products can be manufactured at relatively low cost and less risk, ensuring cost competitiveness. It is recommended for companies planning tablet-based assistive technology.
ShineAppBox is a product that independently ports contents such as websites or applications for the visually impaired, which are currently in service, to small-sized devices. You may easily and quickly access the contents you want with a remote control. Since only a single content is loaded, the operation is simple and it may be quickly accessed. This device is always on, allowing contents to be played immediately. It is equipped with a built-in screen reader, which supports UI voice feedback for the visually impaired.
Assistive technology products may be materialized and utilized in the oriented software.
Products can be manufactured at relatively low cost and risk, ensuring cost competitiveness. This is recommended to libraries, welfare centers and companies that have contents (web/apps) for the visually impaired.

Utilizing its UI Reading Technology

The strength of the company is that the core developers of its UI reading technology for the visually impaired are people who are visually impaired themselves. It can build high trust and manufacture quality products only when it accurately grasps the needs of the visually impaired. The company promises it will be a reliable solutions partner that fulfills its calling for all assistive engineering companies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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