Off-grid Solar Power System[INQ. NO. 1709E08] DAEL manufactures off-grid solar power systems that produce energies to make your outdoor life more convenient and to assist in areas where electricity is lacking. DAEL is passionately devoting its efforts to developing such products that reflect the needs and demands of its customers, and based on its differentiated functions and certified technology in the solar power market, it is providing perfect and safe services to help its customers lead a better life.
Based on its specialized skills in the off-grid solar system, DAEL is providing electricity for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing; to natural disaster areas suffering from an earthquake or typhoon; and to developing countries that lack electricity in Africa and Southeast Asia. DAEL is doing its best to make a brighter world by supplying electricity to such areas.
‘Solar Guide’ is an off-grid power system that uses solar energy. The representative products include: portable/camping solar flashlight; portable solar power generator; off-grid solar ESS; off-grid solar power generator; solar garden lamp; and solar power generator for camping car/caravan/RV vehicles. All products from DAEL adopt single crystal tempered glass solar module which assures outstanding robustness and semi-permanent endurance lasting for more than 20 years. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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