Portable Impression Auto-mixer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEstablished in 1997, SPIDENT formed its own R&D unit in 2005, started exporting by acquiring various international certifications such as CE, ISO, FDA, etc. SPIDENT spurred its efforts to elevate access to global partners through liaisons in five nations including SPIDENT USA Corporation in New Jersey in 2012.
In 2015, the company launched the world’s first portable impression auto-mixer “Vacu-Mixer.” This year, the company was scheduled for the first local release of GI (Glass Ionomer). The company recorded sales of KRW 15 billion in 10 years of its establishment. Now, it exports its products to more than 70 nations.


NOP Needle

NOP is a single-use dental needle for anesthetics. The needles are sterilized by EO gas and the cannulas are coated with silicone to reduce the pain and tissue trauma. By ensuring the quality of cannulas, SPIDENT guarantees the quality of NOP needle. Tri-bevel point makes issue penetration easier without any coring. Also the round cutting edge protects the gums. NOP is made of high-tech steel tube, which is safe, non-toxic and pyrogenic-free. It has a triangle indicator on the hub to help you place the needle in the right direction.


Vio-series (VioPex, VioPaste, VioSeal)

Viopex is temporary root canal filling material with Iodoform and Viopaste is with Barium Sulfate. They create a hard tissue barrier and have superior radiopacity so that could be used to check the irregular shape of root canal. Their flowabilities are much higher than other similar products and therefore, easy to fl ow into accessory root canals. Viopex is usually used for baby teeth and Viopaste is usually used for exudation control.
Vioseal is epoxy resin based root canal sealing material. It has excellent sealing ability with the least solubility in tissue fluids compared to similar products. Vioseal also has superior radiopacity to be able to check the permanent obturation of root canal with GP points.



Vacu-Mixer is the world’s first portable impression auto-mixer. Its weight is less than 1kg even with an I-Sil Jumbo Heavy Body (120ml) on the machine. And of course, a stand is provided for better convenience. By pressing a butt on on Vacu-Mixer, it only takes 10 seconds to load a full bite tray. It takes less efforts and less time with the innovation of impression taking, the Vacu-Mixer.
1:1 ratio of impression material, specially designed I-Sil Jumbo for Vacu-Mixer, eliminates mixing errors, which can be made with the mixing machine. Moreover, even with the same 1:1 ratio of impression material, the mixing results are different with the Vacu-Mixer and the impression dispenser. The mixing result of Vacu-Mixer is completely homogeneous, which eliminates the possibility of retakes with minimized setting errors.

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