CCTV Cameras its establishment in 1991, SAMBO HITECH Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing and exporting basic CCTV cameras. By having participated in various expositions overseas, the company has informed its customers directly that it manufactures CCTV cameras, and the development of customized specifications is thus possible.
The company has had an outstanding reputation as a professional manufacturer all over the world and recent products include various products such as IP cameras with 5 million pixels, 3 million pixels and 2 million pixels, not to mention full HD (2 million pixels), ultra HD (4 million pixels), AHD and HD-TVI cameras. The company manufactures products with high quality and high specifications based on its accumulated expertise.
The designs also vary widely as manufacturing and supplying of various cameras is possible. It produces dome cameras, infrared cameras, box cameras, half-dome cameras, miniature cameras, bullet cameras, etc. The sale of camera boards is also available for CCTV or video door phone manufacturers.


4M AHD Camera, 5M/3M IP Camera and Full HD motorized AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS – 4 in 1 Camera

The company’s 4M AHD camera uses a 1/3 4 million pixel CMOS sensor board inside. Its main features include 2560 X 1440P AHD video output with 3C-2V coaxial cableup to maximum 300 meters. It is possible to use digital WDR or Mega class lens (fi xed focus lens and varifocal focus lens also available) and the 4M AHD camera is expected to be upgraded to 3D-DNR and Sens-up using a motorized lens.
The 5M/3M IP camera is a 5 million / 3 million pixel networking camera. By adopting STARVIS sensor, triplex streaming is possible. Their main features include 3rd party CMS and smartphone support, not to mention multiconnection up to 10 users. They have various functions such as D-WDR, 3D-DNR, BLC, motion detection and privacy mask.
Full HD motorized AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS – 4 in 1 camera has 1080 pixels and customers can choose one out of four types of signals. It uses mega class motorized lens with automatic focus. It is possible to use 3C-2V coaxial cable up to 300 meters. It has digital WDR, 3D-DNR and Sens-up functions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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