O2O and Fintech Businesses

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryEstablished in 2013, 12CM Inc. pursues various O2O and Fintech businesses in domestic and overseas markets based on smartphone certification and multi-touch technology. It was established by a group of the founders who had spent two years on various projects. During this period, they could build key technologies and business models. Despite the short time since the foundation, 12CM actively drives new business opportunities in the domestic and overseas markets.


Echoss Stamp

Echoss stamp is an O2O service based on a familiar stamp culture. Your customers will be engaged with your service environment from an offline environment to an online environment through stamping action on their smartphones. Echoss stamp uses geometric patterns to create a unique code that is recognized through electrostatic energy.
There are thousands of unique services that can be handled from the Echoss platform. Echoss service provides a complete service from device to platform, which can be applied immediately. Echoss stamp is a tool that drives four main platforms; Echoss marketing, Echoss e-Commerce, Echoss payment and Echoss advertisement.
Echoss marketing offers stamp card, stamp rally, stamp roulette and promotional coupons. Through analysis of information collected through the Echoss stamp in real time, partners can easily view and manage their marketing performance.
Echoss e-Commerce off ers coupons, gift certifi cates and mobile tickets. The service processes purchase, issuance, shipment, usage, calculation, and it can be easily introduced even in a limited infrastructure environment.
Echoss payment provides a simple payment service suited to your purchasing environment. Using the unique pattern of Echoss stamp, it is easy to make payments by your smartphone, and it can be linked with existing POS devices quickly.
The advertising platform provides services that increase the accessibility of contents in various environments. By connecting with the Echoss marketing platform, it enables efficient promotion of products on social media and mobile pages.

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