Robot Cleaners

For Residential Use


Fine Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company consists of highly qualified experts and engineers with more than ten years’ experience in the development of robots & robotic home appliances. The company currently specializes in developing and OEM & ODM manufacturing of robotic floor cleaners for residential use.
Its goal is to lead the trend of future robotic home appliances and commercialize diverse, creative and unique products to improve people’s living environment. The company is also continuously expanding its business presence by developing new markets as well as innovating its business structure and products for maximum profitability and differentiation in the global market.


3-in-1 Robot Cleaner (SENSEBOT H7500) & Robot Mop Cleaner (i’SENSE PLUS HC 260)

SENSEBOT is a new concept 3-in-1 robot cleaner that brings together three essential cleaning functions. SENSEBOT consists of a handheld vacuum cleaner and a random-type robot mop cleaner. Both parts are detachable so they can be used together or separately. The handheld cleaner absorbs dust and cleans crevices effectively thanks to its strong suction power. The product uses a HEPA filter that takes care of 99.9% of daily accumulated fine dust. If users combine the handheld cleaner and mop cleaner, they can enjoy the comfort of vacuum and wet mop cleaning at the same time.
i’SENSE PLUS is a robot mop cleaner that will keep your home floor clean by its spinning wet mop cleaning function. i’SENSE PLUS will help relieve you of the daily stress of mopping with its automatic mop cleaning.
Unlike the conventional robotic mop cleaner, this product can be used conveniently thanks to its handle-type design and the remote controller. It will clean up the fine dust accumulated on the floor and the specific areas such as corners with its various cleaning modes. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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