Healthcare Management Solution & Device

For Human Health


OneSoftDigm Co., Ltd. is a software developing company whose goal is “Creative OneSoftDigm” that contributes to happiness of the whole world. The company has people who have full responsibility and enjoy taking risks, infrastructure that supports excellent techniques, and group management that is free and efficient. Through these values, the company aims to become a leading enterprise by developing local software and creating new value for customers.
First, OneSoftDigm is developing healthcare management solutions & devices for human health. One Smartdiet and One Care are its key healthcare solutions. Second, it helps many companies to make speedy and accurate decisions and develop business strategies by measuring and analyzing data with recent data distribution processing technologies. Finally, it developed an enterprise solution, “One Clip,” suitable for various business applications through innovative business collaboration services.


One SmartDiet, Portable Body Fat Analyzer

Too much body fat causes diseases such as diabetes, but measuring it is difficult. So the company came up with a device to easily measure body composition. For this reason it developed a portable body fat analyzer, “One SmartDiet.” It connects to a smartphone application to measure body fat and muscle data anytime and anywhere.
Only checking your weight is meaningless. Losing fat and gaining muscle is the key to good health. With “One SmartDiet,” users can easily get highly accurate results of their body compositions, body type and based thereon they can get a guide to exercise and what to eat. Compared with other professional medical products, “One SmartDiet” has 98.9% accuracy, which has been independently verified.
The product has already sold around one thousand pieces on a Crowdfunding platform within one month. The company started another crowdfunding campaign on August in Japan. OneSoftDigm has built a partnership with a Canadian distributor who has more than 100 shops in the USA and Canada. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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