Electric Timer


Controlled by an app

[INQ. NO. 1710E11] Insight power’s electric time ‘Wattdream’ is small and light, weighing just 96g, with dimensions of 12 cm in width, and 4 cm in length. However, cutting-edge technology operating smartphones and IoT is included in it. In particular, applying Bluetooth technology adds to the competitiveness of Insight Power. Most of the existing products that control electric power by IoT use Wi-Fi. In this case, a wireless router is needed and a server is needed, too. However, in case of ‘Wattdream’ which was applied by Bluetooth, there is no need for a wireless router and there is almost no power consumption, plus it has advantage of easy installation and convenient use.
Wattdream is a product that can reduce standby power by freely turning on and off the power of household appliances at the desired time through a dedicated app. It can turn the power ON/OFF directly, or reservation setting can be used to operate it on a specific day of the week or in a specific time zone. Therefore, electricity charges can be saved if you use it, and furthermore, electric heating appliances can be used more safely, so it is very useful. By setting automatic power shut- off function every night for the water purifier or TV set-top box which is not used in the middle of the night, electricity charges can be saved, too. It also has advantage that no installation or maintenance cost is needed as it is operated using Bluetooth.
Wattdream is an electric timer controlled by an app and it is a convenient product that can adjust the usage times of home appliances at will. It can adjust ON/OFF schedules up to the minute unit freely, and it can be set to be operated only on a specific day of the week. Once it is set, it is operated independently according to the time and day of the week, even if a smartphone is not connected.
The company’s president said Wattdream is a product that enables individuals to save the energy to combat the effects of global warming. I think that the method led by the nation should be proceeded with macroscopically; on the other hand, we are planning to launch the products continuously to distribute them widely by producing the products easy to be operated in daily life by individuals. I think it is a way to contribute to society if an individual saves energy even by 10%.

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