Noise filters[INQ. NO. 1710E10] HS Corporation supplies noise filters in order to prevent the occurrence of error and damage to adjacent distance by blocking noises or impulses that intrude from outside and are leaked to the outside.
HS Corporation expects to export its products to markets in China and Europe in the near future, based on the accumulated and steady performance of delivering noise filters and acquiring reliability on quality. Other highly competitive products such as trans, line filter, smd power inductor, choke coil, and toroidal coil are also ready to meet the potential demands of customers. Among them, the smd power inductor is applied for telecommunications devices, semiconductor equipment, railway vehicles, etc. and line filter is used for removing noises contained in the electricity cables.
HS Corporation serves as its client global auto maker Hyundai-Kia, helping the maker increase its global presence in the market on a steady basis. Unlike the existing auto part suppliers, HS Corporation serves customers with the so-called service to maintain close relationship with customers. At a time when it supplies its competitive items, it applies optimized parts for customers. It leads the development of parts in the Korean market. It is committed to making its best efforts to supply global top-quality products and technology services.

HS Corporation was spun off from Hoesung Coil Parts, a specialized company of RF Coil, as an independent business unit in 2009. In line with the growth of car electronics parts and green market, it satisfies customers’ needs by developing parts and modules, utilizing accumulated technologies and experienced staff, it satisfies customers’ needs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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