Iris-recognition Access Controller Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is located in Seoul, Korea, and is an advanced security iris recognition R&Dꠓbased company, specialized in cutting-edge iris algorithms. Its five world-based patents algorithm enables application to various fields such as access control, system integration to module (camera module & smartphone application) and the current hot trend, FinTech, like the mobile payments and banking, credit card payments, online shopping payments, etc.


EyeMaster, Iris Scope and Iriskey III

EyeMaster is an iris-recognition access controller that enrolls and authenticates two eyes simultaneously to the exact. You can authenticate very easily within one second, looking at your face through LCD. It features an embedded stand-along type and server-authentication type with RFID cards and password options. Despite wearing glasses or goggles, it authenticates with excellent matching rate. It includes distance guidance function on LCD frame with iris and face image capture. In accordance with ISO 19794-6 iris image data standard, it offers easy enrollment and authentication. Finally, it can be used regardless of the user’s height thanks to its efficient slide-tilting method.

IRIS SCOPE is the only one-eye scope-type camera in the world. It precisely authenticates individual eye and face images. IRIS SCOPE can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is an ideal product for harsh weather environments and is designed to withstand a wide temperature range. As an independent device, it can be integrated with MCU 110. It is ideal for poor authentication environments like construction sites. It provides iris and face image capture with convenience for children and seniors to adjust recognition distance. It is also protected against dust and water.
Iriskey III is an ultra-small and portable iris recognition device for security and payment, which is used for iris recognition in the USB connection with PC, laptop, or smartphone. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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