Energy-Saving LED Fixtures is a provider of world-class energy-saving solutions with its cutting-edge LED fixtures. Core technologies such as its patented “Narrow Multi-Beam Forming” application are made possible by retaining in-house designers, engineers and manufacturers, allowing Gigatera to guarantee efficiency, reliability and competitive pricing.
GigaTera’s interior and exterior LED fixtures are a fusion of both elegant design and practical function. Energy savings and a reduction in the carbon footprint are made without any sacrifice in light-quality or performance. Its integration of wireless communications with LED lighting technologies is just one way that GigaTera drives the limits of research and development to be at the forefront of the LED lighting industry.


LED Sports Lighting-SUFA-A

Tilting and rotatable for easy aiming, SUFA-A has an external separate driver with stable cooling structure that points the heat release. It can be linked with wired or wireless control systems. It is applicable to sports stadiums, indoor venues and ports. Its features include the best technology to ensure high efficacy and less glare optic performance, glareꠓfree from the narrow-beam reflector, and flicker-free – proven up to 1,500 fps ultra slow motion and high CRI & R9 content for better visibility.


LED Sports Lighting – MAHA

MAHA is considered to set a new standard for high mast lights with dimming control using wireless communication and a built-in 20kV surge protector. It has unrivaled efficacy 145 lm/W with replacement for HID floodlighting. With outstanding cooling echnology and durability, it s a high-power LED light with middle-power LED chips and reflector technology. It is excellent for light distribution and thermal design for natural convection.


LED Bay Lighting – SEGA

SEGA also has high efficiency at 145 lm/W and long life-cycle with vertical thermal-fin structure. It comes with an energyꠓsaving high bay light, and is offered at a reasonable price. Wireless dimming control associated with the light control system and the hybrid sensor module are optional. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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