Premium Ultrasound Diagnosis Device

Providing precise diagnoses of the health of the fetus and women’s diseases

[INQ. NO. 1711E03] Samsung medison will exhibit its Crystal Clear Cycle, which provides precise diagnoses of the health of the fetus and women’s diseases for six types of situations, namely: pregnancy planning; fetus development measurement; fetus deformity examination; fetus image diagnosis; delivery and diagnoses for breast and female cancer. Crystal Clear Cycle with precise image diagnosis software technology is applicable to various diagnoses of gynecology from pregnancy to female diseases with WS80A with Elite.


Not only the fetus surface, but also the internal organs, with 3D image technology

Crystal Vue of Samsung has been developed to provide more anatomical information by expressing not only the surface of the fetus or uterus, but also the internal organs. Based on Samsung’s 3D volume rendering technology, Crystal Vue has advantages of helping to distinguish the bones of the fetus from surrounding soft tissues and of identifying the status of the fetus for the medical staffand the mother.
There is already a lot of interest being shown in Crystal Vue worldwide. It has already twice been on the cover of an academic journal, as “The image of the month,” issued by the World Gynecology Ultrasound Society, in March and April this year. Also, it has been selected as the cover for the U.S. Gynecology Journal last May. A lot of research is being actively conducted for clinical utility of this function in various research centers.
Samsung has recently launched Crystal Vue Flow™ with blood flow information added to Crystal Vue™. Besides the existing morphological information, it also provides blood flow information additionally, which accurately identifies plasmodium of fetus’ blood vessel and surrounding vessel for diagnosis in case of synechia between the fetus and the uretus even after delivery.


Fetus’ heart disease diagnosis intuitively and accurately

Fetus’ heart disease is one of the most common congenital deformities and is considered as the main cause of death for the newborn, infant and child. However, existing examinations such as 2D or real-time 3D-ultrasound image require not only a lot of time, but also anatomical knowledge and high levels of training.
On the other hand, Samsung’s 5D Heart Color™ offers the advantages of new developments such as nine standard cross sections and bloodflow information. In particular, nine cross-sections are in accordance with guidelines suggested by AIUM, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, which helps with accurate diagnosis based on trustworthy information.
The strong point of 5D Heart Color™ is its capability to show various heart crossꠓsections and blood flow in colors. Therefore, users will be able to make accurate diagnoses as they can confirm maximum information on one screen intuitively.


Crystal Clear Cycle™ helps with diagnosis of ovarian cancer with index for possibility of malignancy of ovarian tumor

Crystal Clear Cycle™ helps with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer with the application of ADNEX, which is tumor diagnosis prediction model suggested by IOTA, the International Ovarian Tumor Academy. By uploading OTA-ADNEX on ultrasound diagnosis device for the first time in the industry, it shows the level of danger such as positive or malignancy through nine kinds of variations. In cases of malignancy, the level of danger is classified into warning, first-stage, last-stage, and metastatic disease.

IOTA-ADNEX, prescribed based on global data with more than 5,900 cases through 24 agencies from 10 countries, can help doctors with their diagnosis of malignant tumors. It provides convenience to the medical staffby enabling suggestion of specific reference indices of ovarian tumors and even final result reports.
Moreover, Crystal Clear Cycle™ helps improve accuracy and efficiency of gynecology diagnoses including various female health-related diagnosis functions. Crystal Clear Cycle™ with WS80A with Elite is being actively utilized not only for diagnosis but also for clinical purposes at distinguished large hospitals around the world such as Johns Hopkins in the USA, Lille University Hospital in France, and Oslo University Hospital in Norway. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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