Smart Education Solutions and Contents is an edu-tech company founded in 2011. The company provides smart education solutions, contents and field trip experiences to design a more pleasurable learning environment. Also, it has been expanding its business areas targeting global markets such as China, Japan and so forth. InsEdutainment has released a new application concept with self-mobile guide using AR contents in museums.


Platform-based Education Solution

In particular, it has launched a platform-based new smart education solution, CRECCER that was awarded the grand prize in the Ministry of Education Prizes for e-learning content in 2015. It has provided CRECCER to schools, universities and museums.
CRECCER is an optimal platform-based smart education solution. Teachers can create their own contents using CRECCER in various lessons like in-classes, outdoor activities and flip-learning, etc. It features support lessons using smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. It supports iOS, and Android mobile devices, thus making it possible to make and manage contents on the Web. It is also cloud based, so contents can be independently uploaded and shared by education institutions. Teachers can create their contents easily and teach interactive lessons. It supports learning activities for students to finish their own assignments by themselves. It also supports IoT service using Beacon and augmented reality is possible with CRECCER.
Museum CRECCER is a new app released in August 2017 by InsEdutainment. It is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service connected with the War Memorial of Korea and AR contents. Students can thus learn in more pleasurable way. It features 15 missions using exhibitions in the war memorial of Korea. AR contents are connected with exhibitions at the museum. Museum education is storyꠓbased contents. It is intriguing to users, featuring gamification AR contents. You can check progress of other users in the museum and portfolio will be saved after finishing all the missions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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