Cash Recognition Fare Box Technology was established in 2010. In the following years, it secured the maintenance service contract for the bus fare counting system with Gwangju-si and delivered the bus fare counting system for the Gwangju shuttle bus. It acquired a CE certificate and was certified as a venture business in 2012. It was selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) by the government in 2013. And in the same year, the company made its first exports to a Germany through online retailer, Amazon.
Sai Technology secured a contract for the replacement of dilapidated parts of the cash recognition fare boxes on Gwangju intra-city bus and developed a note-recognition machine in 2013 as well. It acquired a ISO9001 certificate in 2015, and it delivered cash recognition fare boxes to Naju-si for their intra-city buses in 2016. Most recently, it was designated as a maintenance and repair service provider for Gwangju intra-city buses in 2017.


City Bus Fare Adjustment System

The City Bus Fare Adjustment System makes it possible to receive and settle bus fares in cash without any need for another person, thus ensuring transparency in cash income. It establishes the necessary database for public transportation policies to improve the employment efficiency of city buses. The cash-computing system features technology that allows processing coins (up to 20 coins) or notes within one second, and the safety and performance of the system have been proven since it was installed in Gwangju city buses in 2007. Also, the system distinguishes faulty coins and discharges them through the outlet. Collected data is encrypted and transmitted to local government servers in real time.
Cash-fare information includes cash-fare process information, cash-income information by transportation companies, service information & income information by routes, and service information & income information by buses. Therefore, the program provides such information to relevant organizations and bus companies so that the information can be utilized as statistical information required establishing public transportation policies by relevant organizations, and for bus companies to make good business decisions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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