Medical Image and Information Solutions[INQ. NO. 1711E08] With specialization in medical image and information solutions, INFINITT Healthcare leads the global healthcare IT market with dynamic technology development and differentiated customer service by providing its products to about 5,200 medical institutions in 51 countries through nine overseas corporates.
With its development of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), the company led the era of digital medical imaging. It also released a 3D image acral support solution, radiation management solution and medical data integrated solution. It is now developing next-generation medical solutions by combining its exclusive technology that has been accumulated for 20 years, with big data and artificial intelligence.
Through development of excellent new products, INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd. could get the highest score in the KLAS evaluation surpassing global medical equipment companies. KLAS evaluation is widely used as an index for the global healthcare IT market evaluation. Based on rapid customer service, INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd. is now expanding its market share in the global market.



INFINITT PACS M6 is PACS of radiology and is easy to use with the possibility to customize and featuring an intuitive user interface. It supports 2,000 layered display and 64 bits and loads images fast.


INFINITT Healthcare Analytics-INFINITT Enterprise Search

INFINITT Healthcare Analytics-INFINITT Enterprise Search is a solution that searches a large amount of atypical readout results and related exam images. It can increase readout accuracy by referring to searched results and linked pathology examination results.


INFINITT Healthcare Platform

INFINITT Healthcare Platform is a system that stores, manages and shares integrated DICOM data and NonꠓDICOME data that occur during treatments by each department within a medical institution. By observing international standards, it is also possible to share data between medical institutions and check data anytime anywhere.



INFINITT DoseM is a Web-based radiological dose management system that automatically extracts information on radiological doses from radiation devices. You can check various graphs and statistics by patients, examination and equipment.


INFINITT 3D Printing Service

INFINITT 3D printing service produces high-quality 3D medical models customized based on the latest 3D printing technology and leading 3D medical image processing technology.


INFINITT Image Exchange

INFINITT image exchange is an image-sharing system within a group of hospitals so that you can check existing images and reports during rotation treatment or on moves by medical teams. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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