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https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711E07] Fursys Care, the hospital furniture and medical equipment brand of Fursys Group, has been drawing trust from clients for its construction of healing environments for people through its skilled hospital environment research team and product-development team, which have been newly established for the first time in Korea, in consideration of more specialized and advanced hospital environments.
With the paradigm change from ‘general hospital environment’ that merely accommodates and treats patients to ‘human healing environment’ that prevents diseases and provides rehabilitation service, Fursys Care offers convenient and stable spaces covering all the medical needs.
Fursys Care provides not only convenience but also psychological comfort to patients with ergonomic design and smooth curves applied to its electric bed, Prizo, which was developed exclusively as a representative product, so that all the users including patients, tenders and medical personnel can conveniently use it.

Leading the era of smart bed, Prizo will be able to solve any inconveniences for users, not merely as a treatment device. The company strives to realizes designs that can even resolve psychological difficulties, such as reluctance and nervousness of patients during treatment.
In particular, its new product, Prizo ICU BED, which was developed ia n collaboration with LINAK, Danish company, is an electric bed designed for intensive care units. Unlike Prizo with three motors, it has adopted five motors with up-and-down angle adjustment function (Trendelenburg) for various medical situations within intensive care units.
Also, during its development phase, the company has identified the necessary functions for intensive care units and applied them for the most optimized environment for all users including patients and medical personnel. The side rail with completely closed structure not only minimizes the risks of falling out and getting stuck by patients, but enables X-ray filming with side tray and angle adjustment for foothold with scale function that measures weight changes of patients.
A spokesperson for the company said “Fursys Care has been suggesting a total solution that covers the most optimized layout and hospital environment for each hospital space, which includes treatment room, waiting room and nurse station, not to mention general rooms and special rooms since 2010.
He added, “Fursys has proven quality and durability of its products domestically as well as internationally by acquiring KOLAS and CE through its own product development and production, The company hopes that clients who want to make hospital environments comfortable, and yet specialized, will be able to meet advanced medical environment total solution of Fursys.”

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