World’s First Gas-type Infusion Pump[INQ. NO. 1711E06] EHWA Bio Medics (CEO Yongh-yyun Kim, Refers to EHWA) contributes to the improvement in patients’ quality of life through its advanced innovative technology. As the pioneer in South Korea’s leading manufacturing and sales of medical devices, and continuously making efforts to become a company that participates in social responsibility.
Previously known as EHWA Yang Haeng in 1989, EHWA Bio Medics created ANAPA, the world’s first gas-type infusion pump designed with the mutual R&D with KAIST’s chemical engineering team to complement the drawback of existing machinery and balloon pumps. Through tremendous efforts on R&D, EHWA Bio Medics has released a more differentiated product by realizing the innovation on new technology.
ANAPA injects drugs by internally generated CO2 Gas pushing piston with a regular pressure maintaining an accurate speed as gas pressure through pressure adjustment valve remains consistent.
Also, it is not harmful to the human body by producing CO2 gas from citric acid and sodium carbonate used in medical ingredients, and can always use safely as several safety devices are built in. As explained, ANAPA shows features of convenience, accuracy and safety. It is a customerꠓoriented product that offers the opportunity to patients to receive accurate and safe pain treatment, and provide convenience to medical experts who use the product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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