VR Simulations for Safety Education

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712E02] Soltworks’s Safety Education VR Simulation, provides a virtual experience of a 100-meter fall at a construction site where workers sometimes fall, and provides preventive measures. It can be applied not only to construction sites but also to various fields and pre-work safety education. This is Saltworks’s differentiated VR technology that provides a sense for the real through virtual experience and maximizes users’ immersion.
In addition, a tower crane and forklift accident experience based on AR technology enable workers to pre-learn and prevent accidents that may occur on construction sites through augmented reality. Furthermore, this solution provides detailed information on and checklists of parts to help users master the equipment.

‘High-Speed Train Maintenance Simulation’ provides preliminary inspections before high-speed train operations and provides virtual simulations of unexpected situations occurring during operation. This can be applied not only to training programs for mechanics for high-speed trains, but also those for subways and airplanes.
Established in 2008, Saltworks secured content planning and development coverage in a variety of fields including medical information systems and public sector VR simulations based on cutting-edge military logistics solution development technologies such as maintenance training simulations and general military logistics support development projects. Excellent planning and development personnel gathered at Seoul Headquarters, Daejeon and Sacheon Sites, empowering Saltworks to serve as a 4th industry leader.

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