Wireless Portable Humidifier

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712E02] Since its establishment in 1994, Myung Sung Inc. has been specializing in manufacturing and distributing cordless household electric appliances, auxiliary batteries and silicon-made products. It also has been importing and exporting corporate promotion material at retail and wholesale prices. It leads the market based on reasonable prices through producing and distributing goods both at home and abroad by offering top-quality products and providing after-sales services.


WIMI Mini-sized portable humidifier

Recently, the company released a new cordless portable humidifier, which is a perfect item for dry weather. It can be used without a cable due to wireless USB charging. So it is easily accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. If there’s no concentric plug, this product can be used cordless.
A 2,600mAh LG Genuine Battery cell is integrated in the humidifier, and the quantity of mist amount is 35ml/h. A full battery charge will enable the humidifier to be used for 5~6 hours.
The operation is very simple, and it can be operated simply by power button. This power button can adjust mist steps. (Once: Strongly, twice: weakly, three times: turn off) Moreover, there is a rubber packing inside the product, and no water leaks.
Because of being mini-sized, it can be used in a dry office or in a car. The humidifier is absolutely noiseless, so it can even be used in a quiet library and when studying also. It has a simple and lovely design with the can shape and color of pastel tone, and the point design of the shape of a water drop.

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