Remote Monitoring, Prediction and Control Systems new opportunities come along with the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Naretrends develops remote monitoring, prediction, and control systems empowered by technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT remote control and cloud-based services. They are deployed where real-time monitoring and management of disasters and accidents are necessary, such as in production plants, apartments and greenhouses.
In partnership with SK Telecom, Naretrends offers the “BandiPurri SmartFarm” system utilizing ICT and IoT technologies to agricultural, livestock, and fish farms nationwide. The company develops monitoring and remote sensing technologies for crop and livestock management that can make use of big data and artificial intelligence. Integrating various ideas and fields in sensing and AI systems, the company implements systems such as arc fire prevention and LoRA-based temperature monitoring.


Remote Environment Control System

Bandiburri SmartFarm is a remote environment control system that facilitates management of greenhouse through state-of-the-art ICT. Through the cloud-based FarmNote service, it provides analysis of sensor data and daily farming logs. With Bandiburri SmartFarm, monitoring of greenhouses and poultry farms can be managed effectively, improving productivity and convenience through remote control. It features smartphone remote control, notification service and cloud service. Also, push notifications, video and sensor monitoring, smartphone remote control and cloud-based data utilization are available. It is composed of master controller, extended control and user software.


Smart Poultry Management System

With Arclow-Sys, through integration of SmartFarm and disaster monitoring ICT systems, poultry management has become smart and secure. The smart poultry management system increases productivity and lowers labor needs through an integrated environment control and disaster prevention system. Through a patented arc sensor technology, fires caused by electrical sparks can be detected and fires prevented in advance for convenient and secure livestock management. It features convenient and secure livestock management, emergency alert service and remote monitoring via smartphone. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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