Carbon Fiber Products Inc. was spun offin 2013 from its parent company Korea CTS to focus on developing carbon fiber products. Based on a well-developed management system supported by Korea CTS, Pitchcable has been growing quickly and extending its business range every year. Its main products include heating benches, snow/ice melting systems and heating pads. The company has skilled professionals and provides clients with quality products through continuous R&D and product enhancement through investment.
The company considers harmony first among technology, people and the environment. In other words, the company develops and produces safe products that can improve quality of life while seeking harmony with the environment by reducing users’ electricity bills through low power consumption. The products are safe from electric waves, along with far infrared radiation effects. The company believes that products based on excellent technology can change the environment and provide happiness to customers.


Heating Bench & Carbon Snow/Ice Melting System

The heating bench of Pitchcable is a product that keeps waiting people warm. If you sit down, it operates automatically to keep you warm, high in energy efficiency, and safe from electric waves. It also responds to the surrounding environmental conditions depending on temperature setting. If there is electricity, it can work anywhere with its excellent half-permanent durability. Currently, it has been distributed to many places such as public transportation stops, public agencies, park and garden. Many people have made additional orders with good feedback and evaluation.

Carbon Snow/Ice Melting System is a product that thaws dangerous roads covered with black ice or blind spots that are covered with snow or ice in wintertime. The carbon heating cable developed by Pitchcable is excellent in heat conduction rate and heat expansion index, and excels in energy efficiency with concentration and efficiency of heat conduction expanded. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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