Solar Energy Devices Electronics Co., Ltd. has been mainly supplying automotive connectors since its foundation in 2002. It strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with its accumulated experience and technology in the field of automotive electrical components. Connex thus contributes to the continuing growth of the Korean automotive industry.
The company started conducting technological development in the field of solar energy from 2008, and developed several products such as junction boxes, connectors, Power Maximizer and Quick Solar which is an independent portable solar system. Connex has registered several patents and successfully executed technological development tasks for the Small and Medium Business Administration. Connex will keep striving to become a global leader in new and renewable energy industry in the coming years as well.


Solar Panel, Energy Storage System and PV Module with Mounting Device

As residential housing with rooftop structures are difficult to install solar panels, Qik Solar has been introduced for farming areas and for military communication equipment. It is ideal for disasters areas and rural areas. It features fast and easy installation, compact design, easy power capacity choice and maximum power generation with theft prevention and safety as options. The portable and foldable solar panels comprise four panels per unit and can be easily tilted for maximum exposure to the sun.
Energy storage system features all-in-one ESS, emergency power supply, electricity charge saving and PV on/offgrid hybrid ESS. First, it can convert DC power from solar panels to AC electricity. Feeding back to the grid and charging the built-in battery are available. Peak-avoiding mode offers peak electricity utilization.
PV with mounting device features easy installation, adjustable angle and solar power module built-in structure. When moving it, one can load it on small truck (1 ton) or RV. It is thus ideal for camping. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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