Smart Healthcare IoT Device Korea, since its establishment in 1993, is one of the most reliable manufacturers / exporters / importers of quality products in Korea, having been doing its utmost to support its valued customers who started business with it in the beginning stages and are still working with the company as advisory customers in different countries and as its old loyal partners. It is a GMD company, designated by the government in 2017.
Making it a principle to serve customers in a positive and favorable way, it is confident that it must have contributed fairly to the prosperity of its customers for the past 20 years and now the company understands how to serve them better and how to cope with the various obstacles in the international market.


Advanced Precision Stethoscope System

The system features integrated SKEEPER HSCTM technology that materialized the precision of advanced medical electronic stethoscope and microphone sound processing technology for perfect sound. Digital indexing and visualization (Graph) with advanced heartbeat sound analysis algorithm enables users to easily and conveniently manage their health. SKEEPER H/W connects to the application via Bluetooth allowing you to see and hear the graph and heartbeat respectively. Anyone can check their health status easily with the digital indicator and graphs analyzed by SKEEPER.
SKEEPER provides diverse healthcare applications with Smart Algorithms designed by the world’s leading medical experts for every family’s healthcare needs at home. SKEEPER MAMA is an application that systematically manages the relationship between the mother and fetus. SKEEPER BABY is a smart application for your precious baby’s healthcare. SKEEPER enables professional heart management through the medical electronic stethoscope-level precision function and optimized Smart Algorithm. SKEEPER thoroughly reads and analyzes changes of the heart sound and carefully listen to signals sent by the body. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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