High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E01] Hongik Medical Systems recently launched a compact high-pressure steam sterilizer. The sterilizer is convenient to operate thanks to its one-touch mode and can sterilize handpieces and instruments of various kinds at once. It is possible to perfectly sterilize them in a short time by putting saturated steam in the chamber. The sterilizer is very small so easy to install even in a small space. The sterilizer minimizes the wear of handpiece cartridges and instruments and helps to extend their service lives. It is safe to use the sterilizer as the sterilizer is loaded with double (electrical and mechanical) safety devices. Its sterilization time is short, which can elevate turnovers of handpieces and instruments.
Its operating mechanism is similar to that of general high-pressure steam sterilizers but this sterilizer differentiates itself from other similar products in that it has a two-liter chamber and reduces operation time from start to end to 10 minutes. This product was developed to safely and quickly sterilize various small medical devices such as dental mirrors, implants, scalers as well as handpieces.
Its chamber is 3cm longer than other products, which maximizes the user’s convenience when inserting and pulling out handpieces and utensils. Hongik Medical Systems developed and is producing the sterilizer on its own. It is superior in quality and performance than other products. It is easy to replace old consumables with new ones and repair. The sterilizer is 200 (W)X413 (H)X450(D) mm. Its chamber is Φ89 x 215 (D) mm. It weighs 14kg and its accessories include an external printer and cartridges among others.


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