Higher-level Ultrasound Systems

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1802E11] In the current medical environment, medical staffs are asking for accurate and convenient diagnostic ultrasound systems. Alpinion has been concentrating on R&D focusing on patients, including the diagnostic environment in hospitals, functional stability, and efficient workflow. The entire result of the R&D is the E-CUBE Series, which are highly functioning diagnostic ultrasounds that provide customized diagnostic solutions to medical staffs.
The E-CUBE Series can be easily upgraded during their lifetime while sustaining consistent imaging functions. Equipped with Optimal Imaging Suite, a post-image processing technology for high-resolution diagnoses, they can effectively get rid of noises and clearly show the boundary between the lesion and the normal tissues by improving the contrast between them.


All E-CUBE Series Apply Alpinion Developed/Produced Unique Transducers

With increased compatibility between the ultrasound transducer and the system, E-CUBE Series provide high quality imaging. Specifically, `Crystal Signature,` which is Alpinion`s exclusive single crystal technology, shows the efficacy for higher energy transformation when compared to the conventional PZT material. It also maximizes the ultrasound penetration without lowering the resolution quality due to the premium material that enables wide-range communication, so it provides excellent imaging regardless of a patient`s age or body size.


High-end Ultrasound, E-CUBE Platinum

A new product, E-CUBE Platinum is a premium system that provides high quality imaging. It is embedded with software that can be applied to various body parts including the abdomen, musculoskeletal system, breast, heart, blood vessels, and uterus.
Alpinion transducer is a new hardware with improved 2D imaging resolution and consistency. Applied with Alpinion`s unique single crystal technology, it provides high-resolution imaging by maximizing its penetration. By intuitively providing the elasticity of a tissue through elasticity ultrasound imaging that measures the firmness of the tissue, it can detect the malignancy of a tumor without a tissue exam. It uses a hockey-stick-type transducer that supports small footprints and high-frequency wavelength, so it can be conveniently used on the topical parts of the body, including a little finger or toe which has a smaller surface area to contact. Cutting-edge imaging process technologies, Live HQ and Volume Master (Advanced 3D/4D rendering technology) functions provide detailed diagnostic process as well as more realistic image information.


Most Reasonable Choice, E-CUBE 11

By applying a premium material, single crystal, E-CUBE 11 has improved penetration and sensitivity, so it provides detailed and clear imaging of abdomen regardless of the body size of a patient.
The HD Digital Beam forming technology of E-CUBE 11 offers superb imaging process technology, and automated processing functions, including intuitive interface, customized setting, auto IMT, and CUBE Strain TM, providing diagnostic efficiency.
The superb linear image function and needle vision of ECUBE 11 enable the correct positioning of the needle during a tissue exam, which increases the accuracy and efficiency during the FNA(fine needle aspiration), FNAB(FNA biopsy), and the needle injection of ultrasound intervention.
E-CUBE 11, which is well received by various departments, has an excellent tissue contrast function, so minute differences between tissues can be easily read. Also, intuitive workflow that reduces repetitive and unnecessary movements of conventional systems and a static touch-screen with fast reactions maximize the speed and the accuracy of the diagnostic process.


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