Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention System[INQ. NO. 1802E10] Daesung Maref Co., which has developed medical pneumatic products for 32 years, is a major domestic manufacturer that has attained 30% annual growth of exports to 72 countries.
The 30% annual export growth was achieved thanks to its quality management enough to obtain every difficult global approval/certification, and relentless efforts mostly of its Medical Engineering Research Center.
Participating in about 14 global exhibitions annually, Daesung Maref has grafted advance technologies into its products by listening to the opinions of global buyers and communicating with them, which helped attract the attention of foreign buyers.
Daesung Maref obtained CE, FDA, and KFDA certifications at the same time by doubling and reinforcing the quality management division workforce and by passing the meticulous in-house quality examination and the safety test of outstanding medical personnel in top university hospitals in the nation.
Recently, Daesung Maref won the medical device approval/permission from the U.A.E., and this year, it is trying to become a global manufacturer with a goal to expand its market to over 80 countries.
Daesung Maref has over 30 pneumatic technology patents. Not only patents for its technologies, it also has 15 patents for user-friendly up-to-date designs, so it has become a competitive pneumatic medical device manufacturer thanks to both the superb functions and designs of its products.


DVT-3000, Eagerly Purchased by Foreign National Hospitals

Selected as a First-class Product in 2014 thanks to its outstanding technology and design, ‘DVT-3000,’ a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) prevention system equipped with the most advanced technologies of Daesung Maref, is recognized by top medical staff in over 72 countries. In advanced countries, a DVT prevention system is already required during a surgery.
As the requirement seems to be reflected also in Korea, a DVT sleeve has changed to be a payment item from a non-payment following the revised notice in 2016, so it is expected that a DVT system may soon be required during a surgery in the nation.
Through the joint reliability project with a public test organization, Daesung Maref’s sleeve, which is used for DVT, is proven for its durability with an average use of more than 25,000 times, and it is also proven for its stability. Its raw material has a higher content of PU(polyurethane), so a patient can feel much more comfortable compared to general DVT stockings or products of other companies.
In 2011, as a national project to compare DVT-3000 with foreign products, Boramae Hospital of Seoul National University conducted a clinical trial on 27 patients who had a total knee anthroplasty.
The result was that the group treated with DVT-3000 showed a higher hemodynamic number. This proves Daesung Maref’s excellent IPC (Intermittent Pneumatic Compression) technological skills collected for the last 32 years. Therefore, national hospitals of advanced countries, including the UK and U.A.E. (Dubai) whose DVT prevention is more advanced than in Korea, chose DVT-3000 in the bidding, which proves its advanced technologies.


Smart Pneumatic Tourniquet System DTS-3000, Conquers Global Market with No-pinch Prevention Cuff Technology

A digital Pneumatic Tourniquet System DTS-3000 is the only product in the world that can stop instances of bleeding in four spots at once during surgery. It has a chic design, and it is user-friendly with a wide LCD touch-screen and a UI (user interface) structure. It increases its function by enabling the record of a movement time, condition, finished time, and an error on an SD card. Specifically, DTS-3000 is effective for reducing pain after a surgery thanks to its smooth feeling without a pinch of the conventional cuffs.


World First Pneumatic Hand-joint
Rehab Device‘Reha-pro’

By utilizing pneumatics, Daesung Maref’s new product, Reha-pro drastically reduces pain with soft air compression as opposed to the pain by the CPM (continuous passive motion) motor method. Also, the treatment motion can be confirmed on the 7 inch TFT LCD Display Full Touch Screen. When a treatment goal is reached, an embedded sound is delivered to the patient. The treatment time, stretching time, and the resting time can be set by a simple and easy touch method. It can also store treatment settings for up to 1,000 people, and it supports a treatment guide system in four languages. It is the world’s first innovative hand-joint rehabilitation product with a smart protocol method that utilizes both audio and visual nerves. The usability test was conducted for three years from 2014 until now at the Guro Medical Center of the Korea University and the Mokdong Medical Center of Ewha Women’s University. It is awaiting approval/permission.


Next-generation Model DVT-4000S

DVT-4000S, which is awaiting approval/permission and for marketing, is a complementary version of the DVT-3000. Its maintenance function has been upgraded, and it can be easily installed in any environment since the distance from the stand can be freely controlled. It has a USB/SD card function, which can store a patient’s treatment data. It is more user-friendly with a support for four languages, and it has additional refined UI structure and a chic design.
It is also more convenient for the medical staff with an external design of a handle shape and a good grip. To overcome the difficulties in removing foreign objects on the control panels of similar products, it has a better shape. It is specially equipped with a stronger battery compared to the conventional models, which allows a higher time limit.
DVT-4000S was developed through collection of opinions from foreign medical staff who had used DVT-3000, and it is attracting much interest from foreign buyers, so many countries are currently making pre-orders.
Daesung Maref is also leading in the development/production of physical therapy and edema treatment systems as well as pneumatic medical devices. It is showing a high occupancy rate in the home healthcare device market in Europe and China for the past three years. CEO Jae-hwa Lee is planning to achieve a 200%-growth to be a complete healthcare manufacturer in five years based on its medical pneumatic technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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