Digital X-Ray Equipment[INQ. NO. 1802E16] DK Medical Solution Co., Ltd., a global digital X-ray company, is tapping into the global medical device market with various new products.
At the 2017 Korea International Medical Equipment and Hospital Equipment Show (2017 KIMES), DK Medical Solution exhibited digital X-ray Innovision Elin-T4 and premium X-ray Sonialvision G4, EOS for capturing X-ray images by scanning a person’s whole body in a load-bearing position. The company also exhibited O-Scan MRI with a 1:1 ratio optimized for sophisticated joints such as wrists, ankles, and knees, and Verity CT which can diagnose foot pain in an upright position.
Innovision ELIN-T4 supports auto-stitching when shooting a whole body and maximizes user convenience with an open table and a wireless footswitch. As the X-ray tube device moves and the detector moves simultaneously, it is possible to quickly scan the whole body.
Sonialvison G4 is an X-ray solution of Japan’s Shimadzu with a 140-year history of X-ray development. The solution boasts that it has a wide shooting range that allows full body shots using a 17×17 inch flat-panel detector. The Sonialvison G4 can be used for endoscopic retrograde pancreatectomy and also in orthopedic and urologic clinics.
Verity CT, a stand-up CT machine, has the advantage of fundamentally identifying the causes of pain. The device was designed to make it easy to find microfractures on hands, feet, or limbs that can be hardly detected via conventional 2D images as they are shot in an upright position. Verity CT focuses on identifying the cause of pain as a patient is shot in a prone position.
In addition, DK Medical Solution garnered attention by launching a device demonstration program at KIMES. The program lets visitors experience mobile X-rays that sold more than 100 units in Korea.
“We are receiving attention from the North American market with our own technology and quality, taking advantage of our reputation as the number-one company in the Korean digital X-ray market,” said a spokesperson for DK Medical Solution. “We will take the initiative in the global medical market by developing medical equipment optimized for individual patients with our specialized technologies.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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