AI Skincare Assistant

AI skincare assistant Lumini analyzes user’s entire facial skin in a snap and recommends tailored products for each user.

[INQ. NO. 1802E17] lululab Inc., a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics, recently launched AI Skincare Assistant ‘Lumini’ at CES2018 that analyzes a user’s entire facial skin in a snap and recommends tailored products for that user.
The launched products are AI skincare assistant ‘Lumini’, and ‘Lumini M’ the module product that turns any device into a smart skin analysis device. With one ‘selfie’, Lumini can analyze facial skin and recommend products that will suit the user’s’ skin.
The most remarkable aspect of Lumini is that it uses self-developed AI technology for all three steps: taking a ‘selfie’, skin analysis, and product recommendation. When a user takes a picture, Lumini captures footage optimized for analysis by using real-time face recognition technology and constantly increases accuracy through deep learning when analyzing skin. When Lumini recommends tailored products for users, it finds the best products for users by analyzing online product data, customer reviews through natural language processing.
Lumini is equipped with a multi-light module and a camera that employs analysis software, making it operable on both tablet PCs and mobile devices. Module products can be built inside a kiosk or a touch screen or simply attached to it before using. Add-on products, with a one-minute installation, turn regular kiosk into smart device equipped with AI skincare analysis solution.
lululab’s Lumini targets the global B2B market including the domestic market. All members of the booming global beauty industry, from skincare clinics to cosmetic brands, can use lumini for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and much more. It is a win-win for both manufacturers and customers since new products can be recommended and serviced to customers after precisely analyzing a user’s skin. lululab will launch B2C products for the general public in late 2018.
“AI is a hot topic in all industries, yet customers cannot take advantage of it,” remarked Yongjoon Choe, the CEO of lululab. “lululab will make the first AI trailblazer in beauty industry so that anyone can easily use our Beauty-AI solution and experience the next chapter of beauty industry, and eventually expand it to healthcare industry to improve the quality of life” he added.
lululab started with a simple question: why is there no data that people can refer to when it comes to skin? lululab wanted to solve this inquiry, and came up with the idea of analyzing and “datafying” skin. Lumini is the first brainchild of lululab. Since the beginning, lululab’s vision is to “connect all the beauty entities with skin data”. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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