Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System[INQ. NO. 1804E08] Rexgen was founded in 2002 to provide customers with the best video processing application solutions. Rexgen has developed image processing and a license plate recognition system through its own technology, and applied it to intelligent transportation systems. The main products are RexWatch Road (ANPR), RexWatch Speed (Speed Enforcement System), RexWatch Parking (Parking Management System) and RexWatch PES (Parking Enforcement System).
Rexgen’s vehicle number plate recognition system films the plate and cargo box of vehicles to provide investigation leads and help the search and arrest of offenders in the case of occurrence of incidents and accidents, by installing high performance cameras on the corners of main roads.
Rexgen’s intellectual illegal parking enforcement system ensures smooth traffic flow and enforces advance parking order, by filming illegally-parked vehicles on roadsides and blind spots and efficiently regulating them.
A representative of Rexgen explained, “We are supplying unstructured data to customers in various ways they want by using ICT including IoT in various areas of traffic, education, health, culture, environment, and defense, and are currrently developing technologies that allow effective prevention and systematic investigation of various kinds of crimes, disasters, and other incidents by forecasting the movements and patterns of things and human-beings. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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