Web-based Security Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E07] DreamIntek’s TOPSPEEDer™ is the latest web solution for fast and stable web-based security services.
TOPSPEEDer™ reduces http response time and lowers the resource consumption rate of the server at the same time, so that it is the ideal and optimal solution suitable for web service and groupware for public institutions or companies that provide products and services based on the web.
TOPSPEEDer™ improves server performance by up to 200%, and reduces response delay time by up to 10 times. TOPSPEEDer™ reduces network bandwidth up to 200%.
TOPSPEEDer™ supports data optimization, which is a technology that substantially reduces the size of contents to be transmitted to the site visitors, resulting in groundbreaking reduction of contents download time.
It provides excellent speed improvement in that it can optimize and transmit the dynamic data frequently updated as well as text and image. It can compress and optimize up to 1/10 times and increase the transmission speed up to 10 times.
It performs cache function for saving of the load on the web server and for effective processing of data frequently requested. It demonstrates higher cache function by saving the optimized data in the allocated memory rather than disk. The optimized cache improves the number of hits per second by 18 times and response time 23 times.


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