Trust-Based Patch Security Solution nNetTrust[INQ. NO. 1804E14] Since most cyber attacks are preventable by continuously updating operating systems and application softwares, it is recommended to install and operate the patch management system (PMS) to safely protect and maintain information assets. PMS is a system that installs and manages security update files that are distributed to supplement the security vulnerability of systems.
Recently, attacks were launched on the patch and update vulnerabilities of institutions and companies in a PMS operated environment incurring huge damages. To cite an instance, malicious codes spread and paralyzed major broadcasting companies and financial institutions in 2013. The incident has been called the March 20 Cyber Terrorist Attack.
nNetTrust is a trust-based patch security solution which automatically switches manual patch management to an automatic mode by making good use of the patented technology of NNSP while maintaining air gaps in network separation environments and safely delivers patch files. nNetTrust provides an air-gap environment where a business network is disconnected from an internet network, thereby physically blocking internal information leakage 100% from the business network to the external network.
“nNetTrust released this time is a breakthrough solution that boosts not only business efficiency but security in accordance with patch security policies,” emphasized Kim Ki-hyun, director of the NNSP Research Center. “nNetTrust enables early isolation in the wake of the first infection by automating patch management which has been a manual task, and checking patch files for malicious activities in a clean environment, and can prevent the leakage of internal information externally, and an APT attack through the application of physical unidirectional technology.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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