WCK-HS369 PTZ Camera for Vehicles

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1804E18] SWONWOO Engineering Co., Ltd. has released WCK-HS369, a PTZ product for automobiles. PTZ, refers to the camera mounted on the roof of fire trucks, armored vehicles, police patrol cars, and parking enforcement vehicles, has recently been increasing in demand. According to a company representative, it is a value-added special camera that requires video noise countermeasures against the vibration of a vehicle, unstable power supply, and mechanical and electronic interference and countermeasures against inertia and airflow caused by the vehicle’s movement, and high level of dustproof and waterproof design due to the nature of products installed on moving vehicles.

WCK-HS369 incorporates an auto focus zoom module (MC-S369) equipped with a 1/2-inch Sony image sensor with enhanced low-light and WDR performance with the new MASTRO9 image processor. In addition, the 14 high-intensity IR-LEDs and the four near-IR-LEDs ensure better performance at nighttime or in low-light conditions.

Other features of WCK-HS369 include a maximum fan speed of RPS (rotation/revolution per second), 90 degrees upwards tilting, preset accuracy of less than 0.1 degrees, operating temperature of -40 to 60 degrees, wipers for rainy weather, and Gore-Tex pressure control valves for internal air circulation and moisture removal, all of which brings this product far more superior functions and performance compared to the conventional PTZs for automobiles.

According to WONWOO Engineering, when considering the use of the environment of the actual car cameras, videos can be transmitted and stored via either coaxial cables or network, both of which are supported by WCK-HS369. The former is highresolution digital video transmission using coaxial cables, for which a DVR or PTZ controller is installed inside the vehicle. The latter is to transmit videos over the network to the control center. In this case, recording and control are performed remotely from the control center.

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