Emergency Alarm and Location Tracking Device

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1806E09] DAEHO I&T’s emergency alarm and location tracking device, Mamicall, can provide alarming and location tracking service in emergencies based on Android and IOS. It is activated by pressing a single button. It has a siren function for danger situations. Pressing the button will sound a blasting alarm and an LED light will continuously inform everyone around.
A real-time location and SOS message will be auto-dialed and messaged to the designated numbers. The protector can check the protectee (mamicall holder)’s real-time location and moving route. If the protectee goes some distance away, an alarm message is sent to the protector. The MamiCall has a slim and compact design. Beacon communication technology has reduced the inconvenience for users in attaching the device to the NFC chips on their smartphones.
Priced at US$29 (on a retail basis), MamiCall surpasses other products with its competitive price and simpler operation method. DAEHO I&T has concentrated on endless investments and development of human resources, to possess high-tech capabilities. Thus, DAEHO I&T owns a one-stop system that encompasses all the steps from product planning to H/W & S/W development and mass production to provide a much improved service and products to customers.


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