USB Connection Ports[INQ. NO. 1806E08] Since 2000, NOW International Co., Ltd. has been demonstrating creative innovation and continuous technological development as the high-quality brand of MS Tech Co., Ltd.
MS Tech is composed of a group of talented individuals with creativity and skill. NOW has secured its competitiveness through development and production of high technology products that earn satisfaction and trust from its customers.
Created with years of experience in overcoming challenges, NOW will strive to be the best of the best amongst the interfaces around the globe.


Beyond the Limits of Cables

NOW cables offer speed and stability incomparable to cables in the past. NOW cables support power delivery up to 100W and the official standard size. As the patent holder of several cable related patents, NOW manufactures the most integral part of the cable, the shell, on site. NOW is committed to becoming a global standard.


Real Super Speed

It’s your turn to experience the speed you won’t believe. NOW cables offer you speed of 10Gbps, NOW cables provide the real super speedtwice as fast as USB 3.0.


100W Power Delivery

Typical cables can deliver from 15 to 60 watt, far below 100 watt. NOW cables support up to 100 watt, helping you keep your latest devices safe and efficient.


Reversible Connectors

Whether it be tablets or laptops, your devices can be connected to monitors easily without having to worry about the orientation of the port. You can enjoy watching from a larger screen with the comfort and convenience of NOW cables.


Ultra 4K HD Supported

With the sharpest ultra 4K HD, you can enjoy both the best video and audio qualities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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