Smart Device [TVLET]

Redefining the definition of Tablet PC

[INQ. NO. 1806E07] BLT Co. is a rising start-up company in Kore that focuses on UX innovated products thru ICT technology convergence & UI innovation.
BLT’s TVLET is a new concept of smart device which takes advantages of Tablet, TV, & Voice assistant device. TVLET offers the simplest way to enjoy all around world contents on 32-inch crystal clear amazing display with studio quality audio system. Any applications from Google play can be installed and played on TVLET.
TVLET also off ers innovative user interface using user’s smartphone. Today, the most used device, smart phone (iOS & Android), becomes the most advanced TVLET’s remote controller which enables user to conveniently execute lean-forward action like chatting & searching in any position, even in lay-down on couch. After completing charging, you can comfortably enjoy contents, while moving freely, in any place you want, such as the kitchen, bedroom, office, backyard, and outdoor, etc.
TVLET unlike Tablet PC offers excellent expandability like HDMI Rx & USB & Bluetooth which enables easy connection between PC, Notebook, Game consoles, wireless keyboard/mouse, joysticks, gamepads, and cameras. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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