New Concept Accessories for Analog-typed Earphones or Cables[INQ. NO. 1806E06] MADD is a design startup established in 2016. Encouraged to solve many inconveniences that we could have felt in everyday life instead of just passing through them, two designers established this company. Like the slogan of “MAKE A DREAM DESIGN,” this maker plan to keep on making wonderfully designed products.
M Band is a new concept organizing accessories for analog type earphones or cables, preventing twisted lines and solving many inconvenient problems when one is listening to music. It is applied not only to earphones but also to all the essential products, such as cables, pens, etc., and helping organize lines, desks, etc.
M Band is an elastic silicone material that can be easily be wound and att ached to the earphone. Att ach a magnet-inserted band to each earpiece and bring the two ear pieces closer, and then they cling to each other by magnetic force. When not in use, one can have the two earpieces att ached to each other behind your neck for making a form like a necklace or att ach the earphone to the M Clip organizing a set along with M Band, thereby allowing your hands to be free. The earphone also can be stored without tangling.
This product is recommended for those who have been stressed through inconvenient earphone use, such as twisted line, line adjustment, etc., or disappointed at the existing earphone organizing products. It is recommended for those who prefer analog earphones to Bluetooth ones or are prudent in the design of smartphone accessories. It is also an ideal product for those who emphasize both fashion and practicality, or always thirst for something new. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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